forbidden affairs

Eyes on You

Ever feel as if your every move is being watched?

That’s how I feel now and all I could think about is how a simple and innocent friendship could be so difficult and complicated. I’ve never had much trouble in making friends, true friends, and that’s only because I’m me and there were no rules that concerned us. If we wanted to be friends, we will be. Now, I don’t think it will be as easy.

I didn’t think that was possible. I mean, there was one instance, when I was little and I had to live in my Aunt’s…I met two girls. One was super sweet and nice and the other was pretty much the opposite but they were both fun and good to me so I adored them, the two of them, with no comparison. Then my Aunt told me that my ‘other’ friend will be a bad influence because she’s not a good girl. Still, I was friends with her. I was cautious but I was friends with her. I can’t recall the end of that story other than me getting chicken pox and I had to go back home because my parents sorted out their little mess.

I never saw both of them again and I think about them every now and then and realized that I’ve had a normal childhood because of those instances I’ve spent with them. Only then did I have friends from the neighboring houses because I wasn’t much of an outdoor girl back in my own home. I’m fearing that it’s happening again.

The difference is that; I’m here and whatever happens, I’ll end up here. It makes no sense but if you’re stuck in my body and in my consciousness, it will be as sensible as any other factor you’re facing right now. I can’t keep their eyes away from us. The innocence of our little bubble has been pulled away and now I don’t know what to do. In three weeks, I’ll be as far away as possible and the summer will quickly progress. How will it end, then? Right now, I have to face exams and other worldly matter and the prying eyes surrounding me.