If I could rewind. Both the hands of time.
I always liked that song. I feel like anything is possible with that song because who wouldn’t want to rewind and undo their mistakes, rewind the happy moments?
But along every rewind, you have to go through the bad times too and sometimes the bad overcomes the good unless the good times are worth it. Worth the pain. Worth the tears. Worth the suffering. Worth the agony. Worth the wait…
If you were to go and rewind something you’d like to change, what do you think will it be? Don’t say that you have nothing to change because you’re good with how your life is. And even if you are good, there still must be that one thing. Even the small things count. Maybe a stuff toy you misplaced. A dog you didn’t appreciate till he died. An aunt or an uncle who stopped showing up due to a fight with your parents. A bad word you said or a regretful speech you didn’t have time to control before it was done. A wasted day that should’ve meant everything but you were too scared to try. Anything…rewind, rewind, rewind.
What will it be?
It’s not that I’m not happy with how I turned out. Trust me, I’m good. But there are the little things that I didn’t need to do but had done it anyway and there were things that I needed to do but didn’t. A rewind is good as long as you know where to start. But even without it, any place is a good start to have a restart.


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