Alter Egos and Alienated Personas

When you write about yourself it feels as if you’re too selfish or self-centered when in retrospect you’re just writing some truth that others will eventually read and know about and then…and then nothing. They could either treat you as before or the opposite of before or nothing.

But this is one fact that I hate about people:
They tell you to be yourself. And then they judge you.

This was a quote I saw from Google and I really wanted to share it.

Anyway, I’ve been having some dillema in my current situation. It’s not really a big deal but in some way, I am lying. We are all different people and within us are different versions of ourselves. As a writer, I have the perfect opportunity to bring those personalities to life, in certain individuals. I have too many aliases and characters that I always lose the reality…but then again, everything is real and everyone in me is a part of me which makes them real. I just wonder if they’ll see it that way.

I’ve become her, my alter ego (at least the successful one in a lot of ways) and I couldn’t be prouder. For now, though, I have to keep her to myself and make her seem as real as could be. But man, writing through different time zones is tricky.

Anyways, today and right now, this is Frankie. Frankie Fisher.


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